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The stormchasing tools

This section is offered to you as a tool to help you chase storms in the Montreal area or quite simply to help you make your own weather forecasting.

This section is also an effective reference tool for the members of the "Réseau d'appel Bew!" (Bew! network) who guide the stormchasers of the area

You can also mesure quality and intensity of a weather show grace to the
Bew! Scale.

Note: all the links on this page are prone to change, according to your comments and your lucky finds. The goal is not to put all the weather links, but only the most effective.

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Weather forecast

Montreal forecast

L'Assomption forecast
Quebec warnings
Ontario warnings
Clouds position (forecast)


Tomorrow morning
Tomorrow midday
Tomorrow evening
The jet stream
Meteocentre (weather S-E Qc)
Lightning strikes

Environment Canada (2h.)
MeteoMedia (30 minutes) (USA)
3 hours probabilities (N-E USA)

Animated radars

NWS Doppler
NWS Doppler (LRCR)
Wunderground loop (5 mins)
Intellicast loop (Montreal)
Intellicast loop (USA)
Quebec (20 mins)
Satellites images

GOES (interactive)
The continent (infrared)
Height of the clouds

Meteomedia (Ottawa)
MeteoMedia (Quebec)
Meteomedia (L'Assomption)
Wunderground (map)
Unisys (forecast)

For the experts...

Tephigram (Skew-T)

Meteo+ (Quebec)
Montreal (48h)
L'Assomption (48h)
NOAA (write the informations bellow)
- Station ID: YUL (Montreal)
- Station ID: WEW (L'Assomption)
- Forecast time

ETA Forecast
Meteocentre (Quebec)
LI (Lifted index)

OSU Weather
Apollo (12-48h)
MM5 Forecast (interactive)
NOAA (colors)
NOAA (loop)

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