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Follow the evolution of this site through the medias; all the Bew! news, interviews, reports, and the significant events about weather on Internet.

The last news

Reportage à TVA

Plusieurs d'entre vous ont pu voir me voir moi, Valindo et même Frisbee lors d'un reportage à la télévision.

En effet, dans le cadre d'une semaine spéciale sur la météo,
TVA a présenté un reportage de Karine Champagne sur notre passion de chasseurs d'orage dans son émission Le 17 heures. Le même reportage a été rediffusé le lendemain a l'émission matinale Salut! Bonjour animée par Guy Mongrain. La veille, nous avons eu l'honneur d'être présentés par une personnalité très connue du monde de la télévision et de la météo au Québec, le célèbre "prof" Lebrun. M. Lebrun présentait la météo au Québec au début de la télévision, alors qu'elle était encore en noir et blanc! Celui-ci a dit de moi que j'étais un vrai maniaque et ajoutait, étonné: "le monsieur s'est même acheté une maison pour se rapprocher des orages!".

Dans le reportage, on pouvait voir mon studio, ma maison, mon poste informatique à partir duquel je détecte l'arrivée d'orages. J'ai aussi fait visiter les lieux d'où je prends maintenant la plupart de mes photos et vidéos. Quelques extraits de nos chasses donnaient un aperçu de ce à quoi ressemble une "chasse" en couple!

M. Mongrain, animateur de l'émission matinale, a semble-t-il tenu a ce que la recherchiste conserve nos coordonnées. Une chasse à l'orage en compagnie d'un journaliste est en vue pour le printemps prochain...

Merci à la journaliste Karine Champagne et son caméraman, des gens fort sympatiques qui ont su nous mettre à l'aise. Même ma compagne qui en était à sa première entrevue télévisée s'est fort bien tirée d'affaire.

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Interview for MeteoMedia

Several people saw me on television on the Meteomedia channel.

This interview was diffused on several occasions on July 10 and 11, 2001.

I personally learned that one of the presenters knew my site well and tested itself with virtual tornado chasing from time to time.

This interview showed images of my storm chases. I also talked about my impressions when I have witnessed a tornado in Mexico.

Following one of the diffusions of the interview, the presenter mentioned "bet that Eric Tourangeau is on the road tonight"... it was right!

Bew! in TV Hebdo

A very popular tv guide of Quebec, TV Hebdo, talked about my site on the last page of the January 20th to 26th, 2001 edition.

"Le temps se gâte" (weather become bad) was the title of the article, which said that a visit of Bew! will make you forget the winter...

The journalist who wrote this article also said that my site was well documented.

Bew! on TF1 at "Web fait son show"

Bew! Incredible Weather was mentioned at the first program of "Le web fait son show" on TF1 in France, Saturday, November 11th at 9h00pm. The guest of the program was the humorist from Quebec Anthony Kavanagh.

I don't know exactly what they say about my site,but all I know is that I received several visits after this TV program.

If somebody have seen the show,
I would like to have more details about it please. Thank you!

Bewindo In "Dernière Heure"

The journalist and ex-meteorologist with TQS, Nathalie Slight, wrote an interesting article about me and my passion for tornadoes which was published in the December 11th, 1999 edition from the popular magazine in Quebec, Dernière Heure.

The article title is "The man who chases tornadoes on Internet".

About that, I would like to bring some small corrections: when I was 12 years old, it really was a tornado that I've seen.

This known as, on the picture, the camera that I have on me is a Panasonic. On the desk, the small Sony is in repair. In fact, its always in repair... Perhaps I choose the wrong one, but if I had to buy a camera again, I would repurchase a VHS Panasonic camera. Welcome quality and bye bye gadgets and miniaturization!... for the price we pay them! I miss the old models of cameras which we held on the shoulder...

Thank you to Nathalie for the article!

Science Teacher's Guide

Connected since only one week on the Net, Ines has taken the time to wrote me that Bew! was given in reference on "The Internet Science Teachers' Guide for High School" written by Patrick Frappier and Benoit Lalande (

Ines also mentioned that she will mention Bew! in reference for the shutter weather of her physical sciences' courses 214 at High School, and will also satisfy her personal curiosity with this site which she likes very much.

I am proud to be able to put my small contribution to the world of education and I thank Ines for her interest towards my site.

Bew! On Educational CD

The director of a small primary school in the department of Two-Sevres deals with group of rural schools in the area and will soon offer them (if it's not already done) CD on which will be reproduced a copy of Bew!.

According to this director, a site like Bew! "presents an undeniable teaching interest" for all these schools which do not have unfortunately all Internet access.
So, Bew! will be distributed free on a CD-Rom which his realization with other sites presents an interest for teaching.

"It is, I think, a way of unpenalizing small schools off-line compared to those which are already on-line."

I hope that I won't lose them with my french language of Quebec!

Article About Bew! In "Le Monde"

The prestigious European newspaper Le Monde published an article on Bew! and his author Eric Tourangeau on the Saturday March 28th, 1998 edition on page 30.

It is about the result of an interview with a French journalist, Thierry Noisette. The title: " Un Québécois passionné de météo extrême vous invite à la chasse aux tornades en ligne" (A "Quebecois" passionate by extreme weather invites you to chase tornadoes on-line) is talking about the site in details and its creation, putting more importance for the section that makes you able to chase tornadoes on Internet.

We also finds some words from the author and his great passion...

Those who don't have access to this newspaper and would like to read this article (available in french only), just
send me an email and I will transmit it to you (by email also).

Bewindo On Television

You were several to write me after having seen me on television in the week of August 8th, 1999; indeed, "Le Petit Journal" made a 3 minutes report on my passion of the storms and my site.

The whole report was diffused Sunday August 8th on TQS and RDI channel, then in repeat broadcast the following week. Apparently, seems that TV5 would have also diffused the report.

Many sequences from my videos were shown with this interview.

The Edmonton Tornado

Rob was a important witness of the tornado which killed 27 peoples and made 330 million dollars damage on July 31st, 1987 in Edmonton.

He set up
a site in honour for the victims and exposes dozen of photographs taken from the window of his office at the moment of the drama.

Article About Bew! In "Le Progrès"

The newspaper Le Progrès of Lyon and Rhone in France published an article mentioning Bew! and his author Eric Tourangeau in the occasion of a special booklet on lightning in the Friday August 14th, 1998 edition.

The article titled "États-Unis, terre de foudre" (United States, home of lightning) talk about American passion for lightning. It mentions Viviane Morin, a passionate of weather met on Bew!, talk a little about the author, and concerning the site, it is writen: "Pour être à la page commencez par surfer sur son site, un véritable plaisir même pour les non-éclairés" (To be up to date, start surfing on his site, a true pleasure even if your not passionate by weather).

Those who don't have access to this newspaper and would like to read the article (available in french only) just
send me an email and I will transmit it to you (by email also).

Thank you very much to Elisabeth Gourbière, a doctor of lightning in Europe (see upper article) and who advise me of this article. Besides, Mrs. Gourbière was the subject of an extremely interesting article in the same newspaper.


The magazine "L'Évènement" published an interesting article on Bew! in their edition from January 13th to 19th, 2000.

It is the first article from my knowledge which tells (at least summarily) the small history which led to the creation of this site.

Bew! On Canal Z

Several among you had the occasion to see me in a report of the program "La Revanche des Nerds" at "Canal Z" diffused Monday April 10th, 2000 and in repeat broadcast on April 11th, 2000.

To defer, the reporter was interested on the heading of chasing tornadoes on my site. I explained the way of using it.

They also diffused an extract of the funnel that I filmed in Fabreville last summer.

The emission treats about new technologies and Internet.

Un des 100 meilleurs sites

Le magazine Guide Internet a décerné ses trophées aux meilleurs sites encore une fois. Et pour la deuxième année de suite, Bew! a été déclaré un des 100 meilleurs sites québécois de l'année, sur environ 10000 en nomination.

Bew! fait d'ailleurs partie des sites 5 étoiles dans les premières pages du Bottin internet des sites en français 2002 publié par Guide Internet en collaboration avec la Toile du Québec.

12 minutes on radio!

I was interviewed during 12 minutes while a radio program was diffused on CKRS Chicoutimi. The presenter asked me good questions about my passions, my site, etc. This interview will be available soon in the Video Footages (MPEG) section of this site.

TVA en Direct

Some among you have seen me on television Tuesday July 18th, 2000, during the program "TVA en Direct".

The program was diffused live and it was my first experience of that kind.

It was about a killer tornado that struck in Alberta. While my good friend Rene Heroux of Environnement Canada was speaking like a good meteorologist, we could see tornadoes and... a visit of my site.

I then had the chance to talk about my passion for this phenomenon.

Y'a pas photo!

Once again Bew! has been mentioned on french television, this time on TF1 during the emission "Y'a pas photo!".

It's the Storm Chaser section of this site that made talk about itself this time during a report on one of the member of

Not bad, especially when we known that this emission is viewed by approximately 3 million televiewers...

La Chaine Météo

There has been a report on TV about Bew! at La Chaine Météo in France on May 20th, 2000.

It seems that Bew! was presented like a reference site about tornados, and the animator said that "it's better to chase tornados from your armchair than paying 12000F in USA!" talking about virtual tornado chasing on Bew!.

Thanks to Agariste for giving me this news.

Thanks To Bew!

Elisabeth Gourbière, a doctor of lightning in Europe was interviewed lately by a journalists' team of the French TV (La Cinquième) who had learned about her existence, thanks to her presence in Bew! "The true weather fans List".

Bew! is proud to have been able to contribute to such an event and wishes good luck to Mrs. Gourbière in the following of her astonishing work.

Bew! On TV!

Some already had the occasion to see Bew! and his author during 30 seconds on the Science Friction program on Télé-Québec Friday , October 31st, 1997 and in repeat broadcast Sunday November 2, 1997.

The teenagers' program then made a special edition on tornadoes and hurricanes, so I was approached by a recherchist who found this site.

Besides my face and my site, they also put certain video sequences turned during the time of my storms' hunting: certain images were in the Tornadoes File and Stormchasers on Bew!.

PC Expert : Bew! Among The Best

French data-processing magazine "PC Expert" with 98000 sold copies mentions Bew! in their article for the 100 best sites (French-speaking people) of Internet, in the section Sport & Leisures, under the title "La colère des éléments" (The Anger of Elements ".

The article mentioned that "The storms, thunde and lightning enormously provide a big interest for the violent aspect and the visual impact of these phenomena ".

I received a note from "PC Expert" mentioning that Bew! will be present on a CD which will come out soon.

"Guide Internet" : 4 Stars For Bew!

In its Special Edition "S'amuser sur Internet" (Have fun on Internet), "Guide Internet" publishes an article on Bew! on page 30 and gave the site 4 stars... on 5!

I very proud, and by the way, this small format booklet is very useful and well made! A good reference!

Meteor In Montreal Sky

It seems well that it is a premiere since the newspapers didn't talk about it, but a meteor flew in the sky of Montreal Wednesday-evening, April 23rd, towards 20h40.

I could observed it during 5 seconds before it disappear wherever god knows.

I would like to see the statistics on the chances that I had to look at exactly the good direction and to see such a phenomena.

I admit that it was the first time of my life I observed one from my own eyes, but I can make the difference between an luminous orange ball, which advances relatively slowly in the darkness of the night sky, by leaving a trail behind it, and a shooting star, not easily visible and which passes like a wink in the obscure sky.

The meteor moved towards East above Montreal and was observed northern side of Riviere-des-Prairies, between the bridges Papineau and Viau.


RTL, a French radio station, devotes a daily emission to Internet. Its organizer Francis Zegut wanted to interview me on line last October but was never concretized finaly because of schedule's conflicts.

Bew! still had the chance to be mentioned on-line.

Bew! On AOL

Bew! was pleased to be seen named "le Surf du Jour" (The Surf of the Day) on AOL Compuserve France on February 8th, 1999.

More than 350,000 people are subscribed with this service.

This very appreciated nomination attracted not only the true weather fans since in the first week, I received tons of "spams" (undesirable advertisements in e-mail) coming from AOL France!

Paul Arcand

The very known organizer of television and radio in Quebec Paul Arcand wrote me, in search of a professional able to explain on-line with CKAC the tornadoes phenomena after the tornado of Hull last May.

Some of you received a message from me following this request because I can explain these phenomena around a table, eating sandwiches, but on-line with the radio, it's a little bit different.

If you feel able to explain these phenomena on the radio or television,
écrivez-moi and I will be able to refer you in the future when I receive such requests.

Article About Bew! In "Sympatico" Magazine

Martin Harnois was surely happy following the article in "Sympatico" magazine (May-June 1999) which implies that he is the author of Bew! ;-).

This article entitled "The Webcams: The Net World Tour" talk about the virtual way of chasing tornadoes on Bew!.

They're also talking about the gallery and one image coming from the file "Stormchasers" is also published.

Thanks to Martin Harnois for his link and Sylvie Brosseau advising me about the presence of this article.

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