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Tornado Videos

Many people, tornado amateurs or not, are unaware of the existence of such videotapes or suspect it but do not know where to get them. I've seen some of them, surely there are many more, so the list below will grow as I discover them.

Note that I don't sell any of these videotapes, I don't make any money with the sale of those, and I don't make pirate copies either. Moreover, I strongly advise you to buy the original tapes, would be this only to have the original case and especially, to encourage those who risk their life to show us and inform us about one of the most powerful and mysterious phenomena of nature.


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video de tornades 1
Tornadoes!! The Entity - MUSIC VERSION

Approx.: 60 mins

46 tornadoes chosen over a period of 40 years, including 9 minutes with the killer Andover tornado in Kansas in 1991. I must say that these 9 minutes are awesome! Most of the sequences presented on this videotape last a long time however. There is two versions of this videotape: the musical version and the narrated version. I bought the musical version. I must say that it was not what I expected. There was a type of "new age" music that last during all the 60 minutes of the video. A music with sirens and noises of subliminal trains... a little boring! The advertisement said "Viewer Guide Included"... it is not really a guide. It explains you the formation of the tornadoes and gives you some statistics... that is not directly related to the tornadoes of the video!

Copyright©1993 by Norman Beerger Productions

Videotape found on

video de tornades 15
Storm Force - Tornadoes

Approx.: 52 mins

New tornadoes rarely saw on tv, mainly from the 1998 season. See the arrival of a tornado capted by a store camera, sequences filmed at the time of the Nashville tornado (a tornado which I had followed live on the Net!), organized tornado chasing trips where the customers have a little bit more than they wished, etc. I liked this video very much!! Incredible!!

Copyright © 1998 Pioneer Productions and Discovery Communications for TLC.

Videotape found on

video de tornades 15 Twisters! Nature's Fury

Approx.: 90 mins

If you have to get one of the videotapes presented on this page, this is THE videotape you must buy. There are in fact 2 tapes in this box, for a total of 90 minutes of tornadoes filmed by professionals (Project Vortex) or amateurs. I had however already seen most of these tornadoes on TV or on the others videotapes of my collection. The image is superb and the sound is original. In the first videotape, there is a "must see" stormy spectacle with music, you'll be hypnotized by that show!!

Copyright © 1996 Goldhil Home Media International.

I bought these videotapes online at

video de tornades 15 Real Twisters

Approx.: 30 mins

How can you put a maximum of explanations and tornado footages on a 30 minutes tape; I had already seen most of these scenes on other videotapes. Do you remember the country cottage tornado "Get away from the window! Get away! Get away!!!"? There is a very long extract of this scene on that tape. But the quality of the images is very poor. The sound has also been retouched...but if you have never seen other films of tornadoes, you'll not notice that.

Copyright © 1996 Twilight Works inc.

I bought these videotapes online at

video de tornades 15 Tornado Watching - The tapes of Bill Gargan

Approx.: 76 mins

What you have here are the personnal footages of a tornado chaser, with all the advantages: tornadoes never seen before, impressive clouds and thunderstorms, hail, original sound, uncut scenes, with tornado scenes shown from the beginning through the end, chases, many chases, and the whole thing commented by the author. Superb!

Copyright © 1999 Helicity Productions

I found this video in a astronomy shop in Montreal,
La maison de l'Astronomie P.L. inc.

video de tornades 15 Stormriders

Approx.: 81 mins

Live an organized trip of tornado chasing in the United States, accompanied by tourists who decided to pay themselves this dream, as well as professionals who accompany them.

Copyright © 2000 Helicity Productions

I found this video in a astronomy shop in Montreal,
La maison de l'Astronomie P.L. inc.

video de tornades 15 Chasing Killer Storms

Approx.: 42 mins.

A very recent and interesting documentary, which shows the wild vortices at different scales (tornadoes and hurricanes). The hunters are definitively not all in wood! And if it's the animal who attacks, watch out...

Copyright © 1998 Janson Video inc.

I bought these videotapes online at be advised that if you live in Canada, that will be more expensive to you...

video de tornades 14 NOVA - Tornado!

Approx.: 60 mins.

Perhaps you have already seen this one on television? Explanations of the phenomena, some tornado chases and the worst day in the tornadoes history, 148 tornadoes touching the ground in less than 24 hours... Filmed in 1985 however and let me tell you that the fashion changed well, the quality of the image too.

Copyright © 1985 WGBH Educational Foundation

I bought these videotapes online at be advised that if you live in Canada, that will be more expensive to you...

video de tornades 13 video de tornades 12
The "Prairie Pictures" Collection

Chasing The Wind - Approx.: 30 mins. - Filmed in 1991; go chase with wind chasers!

The Chasers of Tornado Alley - Approx.: 48 mins. - Chasing the tornadoes in Tornado Alley is always so much exciting... Chasers are still doing it in this second documentary which is the continuation of the first one in this collection.

Copyright © 1996 par Prairie Pictures

I bought these videotapes online at be advised which if you live in Canada, that will be more expensive to you...

video de tornades 11
Tornado Chasers

Approx.: 50 mins.

This videotape about tornado chasers is very interesting and different from what I've seen until now. Extremely instructive! You'll see the difference between the fiction (Twister) and reality.

Distributed by © Channel Four Television Corporation in association with A&E Network.

I found it at the Archambeault store at Laval (it was the only copy). You surely can find it elsewhere or order it at this store.

video de tornades 10

video de tornades 8

video de tornades 9

video de tornades 7

The "Tornado Video Classic" Collection

They claim to be "The Ultimate Tornado Experience".

TVC I - Approx.: 90 mins. - 71 tornado footages, with narration.
TVC II - Approx.: 90 mins. - 42 tornadoes captured on film or video, follow the tornado chasers and meet professor T.T. Fujita.
TVC III - Approx.: 90 mins. - 97 tornadoes filmed, the "top-20" home videos and the "top-20" storm chase videos
Secrets of the Tornado - Approx.: 90 mins. - Dozen of tornadoes but especially, learn about making your own tornado with paperboard, hair dryer and other materials... If you buy it at the adress below, you will obtain a 2 hours bonus video including many home videos of tornadoes, other tricks to built your personnal tornado and some old documentaries.

Copyright The Tornado Project

Where can you find these videos? You can buy them on the internet at "
The Tornado Project" site or call 802 748-2505


video de tornades 6

video de tornades 4
video de tornades 5

video de tornades 3
"The Weather Channel" Collection

Storm Chaser Warren Faidley - Approx.: 55 mins. - Go chasing with one of the best stormchaser!
Tornadoes 1995 - Approx.: 22 mins. - Starring 8 tornadoes who swept across the United States during a stormy week. Also: 6 tornadoes on the ground at the same time and some waterspouts.
The Chase - Approx.: 45 mins. - Chasing tornadoes with professionals
Target: Tornado - Approx.: 45 mins. - The interesting story of "Project Vortex"

Distributed by Capital Cities/ABC Video Publishing, inc.

Where can you find these videos? I found this collection at the Archambault store of Laval, Québec (Canada)... You certainely can order them at this store or find them at a specialize video store.

I personally ordered "Storm Chaser" from the United States before finding this collection. It is also possible to buy them separately.

video de tornades 2 The "Killer Tornados" (2 videotapes) Collection

Approx.: 45 mins.

Killer Tornados - The dramatic story of 147 tornades touching the ground in Alabama, Kentucky and Ohio in less than 24 hours. Also: Detecting Tornados, films, diagrams and animations explaining the weather phenomena in details.
The Big Tornados - The story of a monster tornado that erased some area of Wichita Falls, in Texas. Also: Seeking The Tornado, stormchasers of the US National Weather Services studying storms to prevent tornadoes.

Distributed by Madacy Entertainment Group, inc. (in Québec)

Where can you find these videos? I heard about them, so I order them at the Archambault store of Laval, Québec (Canada), giving them the distributor address.

Images on this page are copyright protected. I use them to give you visual information so you can find videos more easily, which is all at the advantage of the videos producers. Keep in mind that you cannot copy them and use them for any kind of reasons without the assent of the authors.

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